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So today everything was going fine. I had a nice lunch, did my final presentation for my math class and even set up a phone interview for this internship I applied for. Life was good. So I went back to my room, thought I'd work on some fic for a little while and then work on my research paper.


Mid typing my laptop screen starts to flicker and then... nothing. I can just faintly see what's on my screen. So I restart a few times and still the same thing. I took my computer to my school's IT lab and they told me that I have a broken backlight. So if I plug the computer in to another monitor I can use it, but my laptop monitor itself is dead for the time being.

I called HP (who makes my laptop) and to fix it would be so freaking expensive, definitely outside of my poor student budget. Plus school ends in about 2 weeks so I really need my computer to do final papers, etc...

Thankfully, my parents are amazing and have agreed to pay for it. So I calmed down, found a monitor to plug my laptop into and started transferring everything to my external hard drive. Brought the monitor and everything back to my room to finish the job.

And then my hard drive decides to quit on me.

I tried it off and on over 3 hours and nothing. And then finally I hit it in frustration and then it worked!

So yeah, the whole thing pretty much ruined my day (but I am soooo glad my hard drive works again). I just needed to get a little rant out. Hopefully if nothing else goes wrong (knocks on wood), I'll have a fixed computer in a week or so.


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