Sep. 4th, 2008 11:08 pm
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So I've come down with an awful cold, have been super busy at work, AND trying to get ready for my big move to Berkeley this weekend.

So exhausted.

Wish me luck.
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Thought you might get a kick out of this:

Real Person: Batman Bin Suparman

Side note: About a year ago I was at a mall and heard a parent calling to their kid, "Come here, Kal-El". I did a double take, because at first I couldn't believe I had heard the name right. Have you ever come across someone with a Superhero name in real life?
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Between work and basically being sick for a month, rl has been pretty hectic. But now that the beginning of the semester is over, things have calmed down quite a bit. And it's also nice to (finally) be back to 100% healthwise.

Fandom-wise, I've got a few ideas bouncing around my head, like a Trinity AU bunny. I don't know what it is but the Trinity muse has been pretty strong lately, we'll see how that shapes up.

Tomorrow is my birthday and during the day I'm going to WonderCon with some friends. I'm really looking forward to it, it will be my first convention! My friend is going to wear his Star Trek uniform and I'll probably pull out my cape from when I was Robin for Halloween. Hopefully we'll be able to catch the world premiere of "The New Frontier" tomorrow evening (Bruce Timm and Darwyn Cooke are both going to be there!). If we get in I'll be sure to post all the details :)

I leave you with some music. I've been learning how to use my new keyboard so I did a cover of "Heartbeats" by the Knife as a "how to record" tutorial. I think this is the first time I've posted any of my music stuff here, so I hope you enjoy it:

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Real life has been extra busy this week, so I haven't had much time for fandom. After I got back from my trip to LA I was so sick that I ended up taking a week off of work. I've never had laryngitis that bad before, it was awful. But I'm all better now. So this week was all about catching up on the work I missed and also finally buying a new keyboard! I'm so excited, I can't wait until it comes in the mail. This is the kick in the pants I need to start doing my music again.

In other news, my LJ Anniversary is coming up on the 25th. I can't believe it's been a year already! I remember how nervous I was posting my first stories, hehe. But this is a great fandom with so many wonderful people in it, and I'm glad to be a part of it. So following the tradition of some other f-listers, I'll be taking drabble requests. My usual pairings (although I could be persuaded into Dick/Roy, Bruce/Michael, or the Trinity...) ;)
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Well, I just got back from my LA trip today. It was great, I saw a lot of friends from college and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I got a terrible cold the day I arrived and was sick the whole time. Plus there was a huge rainstorm, which didn't really help my condition. By Saturday my voice was starting to cut out and today it's completely gone. But I think that overall, it was worth it.

Since I can't talk I think I'll be taking tomorrow off of work. All I wanna do is curl up in bed and read fanfic :)
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In a couple of hours, I leave for my trip to LA to visit friends from college. I'll be staying  at friends' places so I probably won't really have a chance to check LJ until I get back on Sunday.

Hope everyone is having a happy new year so far!

And also, many thanks to [personal profile] tmelange for the v-gift!
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I'm (very slowly) getting caught up on fandom, but it's hard because I still have family visiting. Xmas was pretty good. My family had our annual Christmas Eve open house, which was nice. On the 25th we had brunch at my sister's and then spent most of the day playing Guitar Hero with the kids. And let me tell you, knowing how to play the actual guitar does not help.

I finished my story for an awesome ezine that the fabulous [personal profile] tmelange is putting together, and now I'm working through my WFGE fic. For some reason, I told myself that this story was going to be really short. Delusions, delusions. But I'm pretty close to done. And then hopefully I'll have time to actually read fic! :)

But other than that, I'm just enjoying being on vacation and getting ready for my trip to LA to visit friends during the first week of January.
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Sorry if I've been MIA. I've been spending all my fandom time trying to finish a story (which is still not done, but I'm sooo close!). Just one more week of work and then 2 weeks off for Winter Break! Hopefully then I'll have to time to kick back and catch up on all the awesome fic that's been posted for the WFGE.

(Not) Funny story:

This week I've been stressing out about the (very very fast approaching) prospect of having to start paying off my student loans. Five minutes ago, I just got an email from my alma mater. Turns out that they're removing loans from financial aid altogether and replacing them with scholarship. But this is only for current and future students.

Words cannot describe my bitterness.

*goes back to writing*
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Well, this weekend has been a very relaxing one, which is exactly what I needed. I'm almost all caught up on reading/commenting on fic and I even got a little writing done last night. I've got a new Bruce/Clark project which I hope to start posting this week and a Bruce/Dick story that feels a lot more manageable than the AU I've been struggling with.

I got paid this weekend so I (of course), immediately went to the bookstore. I picked up "Batman: The Long Halloween" (which I somehow have never read before and Stephen Colbert's "I Am America (And So Can You!)" (which is both ridiculous and hilarious).

I've got a comic question, if anyone can answer it: There's an issue of JLA where Diana has J'onn hook her into this weird machine that lets her see her possible lives with Bruce if they got together. Does anyone know which issue this is? I have a related plot bunny that won't leave me alone until I re-read that story...


Sep. 14th, 2007 03:59 pm
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Well I had the day off of work today!

But unfortunately I had the day off because I had to get my top two wisdom teeth taken out. But I've got pain meds and a nice mom taking care of me so it's not so bad. And I've got lots of cool stuff to read while I'm laid out in bed this weekend. Aside from awesome fic, I picked up the last Fables TPB. And I got the Batman and Dracula Elseworlds books, and this really cool original superhero novel called "Soon I Will Be Invincible". Besides having a kick-ass female cyborg narrator (whose character also brings up really interesting things with gender, the body, and technology) there's a Justice League type team, complete with its own Trinity ala Supes-Bats-Wondy.  I recommend it.

And I've got some new Bruce/Clark bunnies running around that I hope to work on if I feel up to it.

*takes another pill and slips back under the covers*
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Wow, it's been what, 2 weeks since I last posted anything? Life has been pretty busy since I started working full-time. But I'm still liking the job and I got my business cards this week which was super exciting. This week was really crazy because there were not one, but two bomb threats at the college where I work, one at my campus and one at the other campus. Nothing was found but it totally disrupted everything. And then we also had to put on two receptions for art openings this week, so things have been pretty hectic. Let's just say I'm glad it's the weekend!

On the fic front, I wrote a short little Bruce/Clark thing that now just needs an ending. I'm hoping to post that tomorrow. And I've got a Bruce/Dick AU in the works, but it's very slow going. I've never written AU before so it's hard trying to set all the parameters. I've been writing all my notes down though and once I get the 'verse all figured out I can finally start writing in it, lol. Also, I've been looking over my old fic "After Hours" and I may decide to do something with that, since the second part is still sitting on my hard drive, 3/4 of the way done.

I'm off to get dressed and enjoy the rest of this lazy Saturday afternoon....
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last night I did a half-assed backup of my journal and made a GreatestJournal account. I still have things to fix on it (like links and the fact that for some reason it didn't like any of my lj-cuts), but it's http://cavaleira.greatestjournal.com. I don't intend to move unless they make me, but I figure it's good to have a backup. I'll be sure to look for/friend those of you who set up a GJ too.

Fic-wise, now that I've finished "Best Laid Plans" I'm in a "hmmm, well now what?" stage. I saw a couple of promising ideas in the bunny pen over at [community profile] superhero_muses though. I've got some preliminary notes on a Bruce/Dick series written down, plus I want to write some Bruce/Clark smut (because no matter how much Bruce/Clark smut there is, there will never be enough).

RL-wise, I've been enjoying driving around in my car and doing a whole lot of nothing, which has been great. I start my job on Monday and I'm both nervous and excited. It's quite a commute to get there so I hope everything works out and that it's a job that doesn't make me want to die inside, lol.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :)

Good Times

Jul. 30th, 2007 09:40 pm
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Well, so I finally finished the last chapter of "Best Laid Plans," I just need to do final edits so it will be up tomorrow! I wanted to finish sooner but the muse was being weird, plus real life has been real busy. I got a job! And a car! I'll be working as an Admin. Asst. at this cool college for the arts in the Bay Area. Not what I want to do forever, but it's fine for a start, plus I get benefits and all that. I start a week from today, so I'm trying to just kick back and enjoy this last week of freedom. Today I went out to lunch with my sister, worked on the fic, and laid in bed and read "DC: The New Frontier".

And the car I just got on Saturday. It's a red 1999 Oldmobile Alero. It's so cute and sporty and fun to drive. I love it. I named her Sasha (but I promise to treat her better than Bruce Wayne treated Sasha Bordeaux). My parents helped out with getting insurance, but I bought the car myself. It's a good feeling.
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I'm still behind on fandom, but it's been a pretty creative week for me. A new song is in the works, "Best Laid Plans" is so close to being finished that I can taste it, and I made a purse! I had this old fabric that used to be a skirt and I've been meaning to do something with it. I've never really made anything like that before so I was pleased with how it turned out. There's a couple of pictures below the cut.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Whoo, so I just got back from Portland yesterday. I've spent most of last night and today just relaxing and taking it easy. The trip was so much fun, I had a great time. I went with my best friend from college and it was kind of like a reunion of sorts. We stayed with a friend who lives in a vegan anarchist collective, swam in the Sandy River, went to see spoken word at the feminist bookstore, went to a bookstore as big as a city block, enjoyed some of Portland's famous Voodoo Doughnuts, got kicked out of a bar, and went to the Oregon Country Fair (which I can only describe as a Hippie Extravaganza). I really enjoyed myself and I'm glad I got to see so many people from college.

It's looks like fandom has been busy since I've been gone, which is great because now I can kick back and read some new fic. Plus, only two more chapters of "Best Laid Plans" to go! Now I just have to make myself finish them...


Jul. 11th, 2007 01:32 am
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I'm heading out to Portland tomorrow (woot!) and I'll be gone for about a week. Until then, fare thee well fandom, I look forward to catching up on everything when I get back.
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Well, it's been a pretty busy couple of weeks! Sorry if I'm behind f-list, I hope to catch up with some reading and commenting tonight. I want to be all caught up before I take my trip to Portland on Wednesday so that I won't be completely lost when I get back. I'll be gone from Wednesday to Monday and I'm so excited. It'll be nice to catch up with friends up there, plus I've always wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest.

I had my first real post-graduation job interview today and I think it went pretty well. It's for this really cool non-profit in San Francisco. They're supposed to get back to me sometime next week about the second round of interviews so cross your fingers for me.

In other news, I need to stay out of comic book stores because I always end up spending too much money. All I meant to get was Detective Comics #834 to see how that little 2-parter ended. But then Midnighter #9 looked interesting (and I'm glad I got it because there's some super cute Midnighter/Apollo interaction at the end), and I wanted to know how this latest Outsiders arc was going to end, and then I realized I had never really read any Birds of Prey or the beginning of Nightwing's series (before it got all angsty and weird) so I just had to pick up some TPBs too. Damn you, comic book shop!

I want to post the next chapter of "Best Laid Plans" before I go to Portland so that should be up sometime tomorrow.
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So, real life has been busy.  I got a temp job to make a little money while I look for a real job. This first assignment is a short one, only a couple of weeks, which is fine because it ends right before my road trip to Portland (July 2 - 6). I'm really looking forward to the road trip. I've always wanted to check out the Pacific Northwest and I'll be going with two good friends and meeting up with others there.

Pride was this weekend in SF. A lot of fun, but also sooo exhausting. Walked for miles, stood for hours, froze my ass off, slept on an air mattress. A big group of us went to the Dyke March on Saturday and then hit the Castro for the big after party. They played house/techno music non-stop. I like listening to it when I'm writing a paper or something and need to get pumped up, but dancing to house music is soo awkward. I was hoping for some Le Tigre or some other lesbian favorite (since it <i>was</i> the Dyke March and all), but I guess that would be too much to ask for in the Castro, lol.

In other news, with my parents help I am buying a car. Right now I'm in the post-graduation "holy crap, what next?" phase, but I think getting the car will be a good step. Plus there's this whole moving to LA in 2 months thing that I'm not sure is going to work and I'm trying to re-think.

Tonight I had this long conversation with my dad about my life and somehow the topic got on to Batman. I think he was telling me about getting a high-paying job and not feeling like I have to work at a low-paying non-profit to feel like I'm doing something good. Because if Bruce Wayne didn't have all that cash and cool stuff he wouldn't be able to pull off being Batman. And then he said something about the Batmobile being in the ghetto and someone stealing the tires off of it, and I of course had to tell him about how Jason Todd became Robin. It was a good conversation overall and he gave me some good advice, but that Batman part was just really funny and somewhat surreal.

"Best Laid Plans" chapter 4 (part 2) in the next couple of days, I have a few more edits to make. Wanted to post it sooner but Pride weekend sucked up all my energy. Work tomorrow, g'night.


Jun. 10th, 2007 10:13 pm
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The past two weeks have been pretty good. I've just been trying to kick back, rest, and enjoy being done with school. It becomes complicated though with the constant "Have you found a job yet?" and "So, what are you going to do?". The plan right now is to find a job down in LA and move back down there and keep playing music with my band. Follow the dream or whatever. I mean, if not now, then when?

So, other than that, I've been enjoying friends, family and fandom.

About "Best Laid Plans": Sorry it's taking me so long to post Chapter 4. It's very close to done and the remaining chapters are also mostly written. I've just been busy working on the two fics I'm writing for [profile] dc_appreciation week. Whoo!


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